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       Labyrinthology - Invisible Labyrinth Event



          Labyrinthology - Invisible Labyrinth Event

          First Presented at circuit Performance Event, DeMonfort University, UK




Tablet Drawings

Sever Years Living Art

          Seven year life/art performance inspired and guided
          by Linda Montano.

          One year of lessons on seven different musical instruments
          for seven years.




          LSAT Last Question

Harvard Rejection Letter

Law School Event
Four Year Art/Life Performance

When studying past civilizations anthropologists focus on two vital components of societies: civics and art.

This equal treatment and mutual respect for both the aesthetic and civic contribution of its citizens for the foundations of a society directly contradicts the reality of contemporary regard for these industries. Artists are traditionally marganlized, undersupported and underfunded. In the western tradition, it is this marganilized status that elevates the artist to marketablity. On the other hand, Civic practitioners are rewarded by financial support and recognition by their contemporaries.

I offer the theory that Artists and Civic Practitioners (i.e. Lawyers, Judges and Politicians) share cooresponding intellectual qualities necessary to succeed in their chosen practices. Each usually share an equal amount of education, an aptitude for logic, critical thinking and analytical reasoning. Additionally both require an ability to advocate and persuade a trier of fact or audience of a chosen position or argument. These qualities, in addition to case research and presentation, all lend themselves to the viability of this analogy.

To test this thesis I participated in admission exams, application processes and completed a course of study at an accredited Law School as a multi-year performance.

This event culminated in graduation as well as sitting for and passing the New York and New Jersey Bar Exams. The tangible art that has resulted from this event includes: "Harvard Rejection Letter," "Unopened Grade Reports - Eight Semesters," "Used Book Tower," and "Diploma".

Public Performance

The greatest success I have had in
communicating with the public is when
I have most severely handicapped my
ability to communicate.

In teaching myself the defunct Naval
Flag Language Semaphore, I have found
a direct and literal way of calling for

Spelling urgent messages through the
waves of red and white flags, confirms
my inability to share these messages with
the public.

Consequently, sharing a broader message with all in witness.

Will Work for Food
Gallery Performance

Apples suspended from strings, hands behind back; first one to the core wins. This Autumn-time game originating on farms, assumed by suburban school children, is now appropriated for art to communicate the frustration of the artist's inability to reach a broader audience.
Alone in a room full of suspended apples, hands bound, I eat each to its core.
I choose the symbol of apple with all of its history, from the Biblical to the Scientific to the Schoolhouse, with whom to combat. When one core is reached another apple waits, without fail, without end. The fruit offers no nourishment only indigestion.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ignore Me                                                                                            Public Performance

Shared Identity
Live Web Performance

A simultaneous event on opposite coasts of the United States.
For this event, I coordinated a simultaneous action with my twin brother across the United States.
He completed the designated event as SC Durkin in California, while I completed the action as myself in New Jersey. Upon completion, I mailed to myself in New Jersey the excavated material from the California component of the action. I then presented a live netcast performance in New York City, where I combined the excavated coastal material from the beach event and sent samples to individuals who share the name Scott C Durkin.

Presented in fulfillment of the 2000 Future of the Present Grant Award in association with Franklin Furnace, the National Endowment for the Arts funded organization committed to presenting, preserving and advocating time-based visual art. Shared Identity is listed on the Digital Performance Archive.

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